President & CEO greeting

Kamitayta Sho-ten Co., Ltd. is based in Adgawa,
which is the western part of Shiga Prefecture.
This area has a lot of historic spots and is
blessed with natural beauty and resources.
The brilliant greenery of the forests, clean air,
crystalclear water of Adogawa River,
which flows into Lake Biwa, and a wide
assortment of fish strike everyone as impressive.

It was in these blessed surroundings of Adogawa
that our company started its operation 
of producing and distributing fresh water
fishery products in 1946.

Since then we have been delivering
a variety of fish,
shellfish and tangle rolls which are
prepared based on time-honored unique recipes.

Our cooking method falls into
the category of “tsukudani”,
which means “simmered products
in sweetened soy sauce”.

Setting high quality as our top priority,
we are making every effort to accommodate our customers.

We hope that you, too, will try some of our products.


Kamitaya Sho-ten Co.,Ltd
President & CEO

Katsuya Kamita

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